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Fire System Maintenance

Qualifications and skills for speed and reliability

The correct maintenance of fire systems is critical to ensure that routine maintenance is undertaken, faults are detected and rectified early and false alarms are prevented. FFP Canterbury Ltd offer the most comprehensive service available, undertaking all of the work with our skilled technicians in-house

We have a technical skill base in all manner of active and passive fire protection. Our qualified fire alarm technicians have the technical support of all of the major manufacturers in New Zealand and carry the widest range of spare parts of any contractor. We can fix most systems with the shortest possible downtime.

Sprinkler systems: High tech design and manufacture in-house

Our sprinkler support includes not only qualified field technicians, but our own full crew of design engineers working with the latest in hydraulic software and 3D technology to fit with any architectural plans. Full workshop facilities also provide NZS4711 accredited fabrication crews with the ability to pre-construct systems off-site to ensure the least disruption in your site.

The best range of products and replacement parts

In amongst this, we also offer a complete range of fire fighting equipment - hand operated hose reels or portable fire extinguishers - to suit every environment and absolutely every fire scenario. Full recharge or replacement facilities offer prompt turn-around of discharged or damaged systems and support from the leading international suppliers provide replacement parts for unusual systems.

24 hour local expertise on call

Management of the fire systems installed in buildings also provides a 24-hour response facility which ensures the prompt attendance of qualified technical staff who can respond to any issue. After hours you will be able to speak directly to the technician with local knowledge of your system, rather than speaking to an off-shore call centre or leaving a voice message on a machine. When you need us, we will be there for you.

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