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Fire Service Monitoring

Fire Service Monitoring

FFP Canterbury Ltd are also able to offer a fully accredited service for monitoring Fire Systems to the Fire & Emergency New Zealand Watchroom. We are able to transfer your service from your existing provider seamlessly and provide a reliable service to ensure that the correct response is made to the activation of an alarm in your building. All of this on the same invoice as your Fire Protection. One company, one point of contact, one invoice - it couldn't be easier.

We also have the ability to add any other service you might need to know about - server room power, coolstore temperature, security, machinery or plant status for example - and we can send this to your email, cell phone or pager 24 hours a day all on the same system which signals your alarm or sprinkler to the Fire & Emergency New Zealand.

If your system has heat or smoke detectors, but was not required to be connected to Fire & Emergency New Zealand - we also have a service which can signal both our technicians and any cell phone you choose 24 hours a day so you can then decide what action you take. You can either investigate yourself or you may decide to call Fire & Emergency New Zealand and have them attend. Our staff can investigate a fault or an alarm and ensure that your system remains fault free and operational at all times. This service is very economic at just a little over a dollar a day.

A new addition to this allows a security monitoring company to telephone a designated representative to inform them of an alarm in a building. Providing a multi-service monitoring system for only the existing cost of fire monitoring to the building - a truly unique service.

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