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Building Warrant of Fitness and IQP Inspections

Building Warrant of Fitness

All-round service

As the only Christchurch Fire Contractor with the ability to undertake the widest range of Building Warrant of Fitness inspections and management in-house, FFP Canterbury Ltd can offer a truly all-round service for your building.

Our qualified inspectors can complete the inspections of the 'passive' building compliance systems - Signage, Final Exits, Fire Separations etc - audit and certify your building to your Compliance Schedule.

We are also able to offer training for occupants undertaking the routine 'Owners' Inspections to ensure that the day-to-day on site compliance can be kept accurately. Free services in this area include inspection record sheets and guides which can be obtained from our Resources page.

Building Warrant of Fitness management

In addition to this, FFP Canterbury Ltd also offer full Building Warrant of Fitness management - we will coordinate with any other IQP contractors you may have working within the site, provide them ready-to-complete documents, and gather these for you. We will amend and ensure the accuracy of your Compliance Schedule and ensure that all of the documentation required to be filed with your Warrant of Fitness is ready to be filed with the completed Warrant documents each year. We will even put your company logo on your Warrant if you like!

We have become the primary provider in this area offering the most holistic approach to building compliance, with the best overall management and at the best possible value to the Building Owner. If you think Building Warrant of Fitness is an area you would like to stop having to chase, we can help you.

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