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Our story

Fletchers started a nationwide Fire Protection group in the 1980s. Collecting together existing companies and starting branches of their own, however Fletcher Fire Protection (FFP) was bought by management in 1991 who split the company into regional operators and changed the trading name to suit the initials the company was known by - Fire Fighting Pacific. Our company, FFP Canterbury Limited, is the largest and most successful of these.

A major ownership change occurred in 1998, injecting business capability and new vision into the company and FFP Canterbury Limited has grown since to become the premiere provider of fire systems in Canterbury and the West Coast with over 100 staff. Branches exist in Christchurch and in Timaru, with agents operating in Hanmer Springs and on the West Coast.

The diverse skill range and access to the latest technology and the best in local equipment backed up with independent access to international suppliers, provides expertise at the top level in all manner of fire system design, supply and installation. Not having an international parent company means we are not bound with one chain of supply or one brand we have to push. We have the ability to recommend the product or service from anywhere in the world that best suits our customer.

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Our people

All of the Directors and Shareholders work within the day-to-day operations, creating an assurance of quality and achievement throughout the company. Not having foreign ownership or a head office to answer to the team understand the importance of playing the long game keeping a happy customer for life is better than making a quick opportunistic profit. This also means we spend more time focusing on doing what we do, rather than reporting results to a greater body and keeping the proceeds firmly in Canterbury.

Because of this, we also have a policy of buying locally if we can and doing business where we do business. We prefer to purchase from our customers and within our community because we understand that a local economy works better when we support each other.

We also live for fire protection. Our team is full of people committed to helping others including volunteers for St John Ambulance, Land SAR, Rural Fire, and (of course) Volunteer Firefighters - within what we do, the one value we hold high above all others is that every role within our company no matter how small is 100% in the business of saving lives and protecting New Zealand businesses.

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Why FFP?

Truly independent advice – the best products available

FFP Canterbury is a truly independent contractor specialising in all manner of fire protection. We are not an internationally owned corporate, so we do not concentrate on promoting our parent company's products. Instead we have contacts with the finest manufacturers both in New Zealand and around the world and can offer the widest range of equipment available. We can find the system which best suits your business not just our profit line.

Tailored to your unique needs

One of our key philosophies is to understand the needs of our customers - to provide what they want. Some businesses want the very best products to offer fire protection specific to their business, but others wish to minimise costs and ensure that although they comply with the requirements, they wish to keep their expenditure at that level only. We will understand your needs and set our service to what suits you best. We find solutions, not problems.

Local commitment

We are also committed to Canterbury. We were born here, we live here and our earnings stay here. We believe in 'doing business where we do business' - sourcing goods and services from our customers or other Canterbury or New Zealand owned and operated businesses as a preference. Money spent locally will stay locally.

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