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Building Owners Seminar

Earlier in the year we were approached by two property management companies to help give their new staff a background in building compliance. We have done this before, and we thought we would combine these two together with a single session. Word got about so we offered some of the other companies spots to attend. This ballooned and we had to hire a venue and turn away people when we reached 50 as that was all the room would take. In the end we ran a very successful half-day seminar for major property and facility management companies on the requirements of building owners under the applicable parts of the Building Act, Fire & Emergency Act, and Health and Safety at Work Act and around consents and compliance. Often owners are unaware of the obligations upon them and the penalties they can face, and those who atended gave great feedback that the session was enlightening and educational. 

By popular demand we will be running a repeat of this seminar for those who missed the first session, and will open this up to all building owners who wish to attend. There will be a small fee to cover the venue and catering, but other than this the session is free to our customers. We will be providing more information on the seminar dates through this newsletter so watch this space for details. We will also be running another session on fire protection systems later in the year to answer your questions on fire alarms and sprinkler systems.


If you are thinking of attending use the link below to register your interest.


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